About the Group

Inspired by the eponymous academic society that assembled a select group of artists, musicians and poets in Paris from the mid-eighteenth century until the second World war, the ensemble LES ENFANTS D'APOLLON is a new initiative, by some of the most experienced specialists in the field of historically-informed performance, to preserve the pioneering spirit and intellectual curiosity that originally inspired the period-instrument movement over thirty years ago but risk to vanish with the routine of the concert programs offered to today’s audiences. The singers and instrumentalists of the ensemble LES ENFANTS D'APOLLON are dedicated to presenting the countless compositions of the past centuries that are still unknown so that more than a simple concert, audience and performers participate together in a discovery.

© Guillaume Bouchayer
The artistic director MICHAEL GREENBERG has been active in the forefront of the historically-informed performance movement for over fifteen years, both as an instrumentalist in the pioneering early-music ensembles Les Arts Florissants and La Grande Ecurie & La Chambre du Roy, and as an award-winning author of numerous articles on the history of music. He received Master and Ph.D. degrees in Music History from the Paris-Sorbonne university. He made his conducting debut in 2004 when the Paris Conservatoire invited him to direct the students of the early music and vocal departments in a conference-concert wherein he presented excerpts of French baroque operas that had not been heard in nearly three hundred years. He repeated the same program in 2010 at the Atelier für Alte Musik du Staatliche Hochschule für Musik Trossingen held in Aflenz, Austria. In 2012, at the Château de Versailles, he directed the first modern performance of Pancrace Royer's 1730 opera Pyrrhus, of which a recording will appear on the Alpha label.